Capee Surveys Limited is registered as a “Limited Liability Company, under the Nigerian Law and
License to ensure comprehensive Oil and Gas Survey Services.
The company principal goat is targeted at providing:
Surveying Goals
Pipeline R.O.W surveys
Sand Search Surveys
As-built surveys
Satellite translocation surveys & subsidence monitoring
Capee Surveys Limited is a high profile surveying contracting company, been driven by goal oriented services delivery principles, that guarantees maximum value and clients satisfaction, good performance and operational safety. Our affordable services and technical know-how epitomize reliability and dependability as jobs are delivered within specified time frame, which must always be adhered to. Thus, giving a name that is synonymous to consistency.
More so, the need for improving standard and values in general contracting services in this present generation cannot be over-emphasized. Since the dynamic state of the world today now calls for prompt response to new innovations, using State of The Art Technology in all Oil and Gas Contracting Operations.
Hence in light of this, Capee Surveys Limited was established solely among others, targeted at recovering that lost value and ethics in surveying activities and other related contracting services at Large.

To ensure efficient, optimal and prompt execution of contracting services in concurrence with stated policies, strategic objectives and necessary safety requirements and procedures as to meet our client's precise prescription.

We are aimed at creating a safe, peaceful and infection-free environment; with high valued standard in improving aesthetic and implementing right company management policies.


Satisfied Clients


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Team Speed